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So, if you follow me on Facebook, you already know that I recently joined Weight Watchers in an effort to shed some pounds and get healthier! I even started a NEW Facebook page that I’ll exclusively post health updates, ideas, progress, recipes, and more (I’ve decided to keep the main Better Life Blog Facebook page only for crafting-related posts). So, feel free to check out my new Health Facebook Page by clicking here. Don’t be surprised if you also start seeing health-related blog posts here and there. I think being healthy is something that applies to everyone, so I’m sure we could all benefit from some inspiration to get healthy once in a while!

One important part of a healthy lifestyle is drinking LOTS of water! As you already know, I am guilty of drinking way too much tea with milk and sugar and Diet Coke, and so I could use a little motivation to drink more water. This awesome water bottle decal template is a great way to help inspire you to get your water intake. And not to mention, it’s totally FREE! Click here to get this free SVG cut file.

Download this Cut File

Drink up and enjoy in good health!

Also, check out my Mermaids & Unicorns Bundle

I bet you or someone you know (a little girl perhaps?) LOVES mermaids and unicorns… if so, then you should definitely check out my Mermaids & Unicorns Bundle here: http://betterlifeblog.com/unicorns! It contains tons of adorable files for you to craft with, including a mix-n-match unicorn face file!


Check it out here –> http://betterlifeblog.com/summertour


I am a Christian wife, mom of 3 young boys, entrepreneur, website designer, digital marketer, tech nerd, maker of crafts, and drinker of tea. I have worked from home for 11+ years, and, ironically, my favorite television show is "The Office."

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