One thing you might already know about me is that I am a huge tea drinker! I start my mornings with a nice, hot, comforting cup of Lipton tea with sugar and milk. So yummy! And I love having a neat mug to drink my tea out of – it just makes life more fun!

I have been wanting to make a tutorial with this amazing color-changing powder called thermochromic pigment which is a powder that activates when there is a change in the temperature. There are different kinds of this pigment – some change color when it gets exposed to a colder temperature, and some change color when exposed to a warmer temperature. When purchasing you have to pay attention to the product description so that you know if it’s meant for hot or cold.

Materials Used for this Project:
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Thermochromic pigment (color-changing powder) –>
Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge –>
Oramask 813 Stencil –> or
Gold Vinyl from Happy Crafters (for the Gas Tank) –>
White Opal Adhesive Vinyl from Happy Crafters (for the Unicorn) –>

SVG Files Used this Project:

FREE Gas Tank/Battery File –>…/gas-tank-battery-for-color-cha…/
Check out the Unicorns & Mermaids Bundle –>


Check out the video above for some simple instructions on how I create this mug and wine glass.
The texture of the thermochromic pigment reminded me of printer toner or corn starch. All I did was mix the pigment powder with some Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge and painted it onto the mug using a stencil I created with my Cricut Explore (you can also use your Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine). Be sure to use thin coats and allow time to dry between coats (the Mod Podge label recommended an hour between coats – I was impatient and used a blow dryer on the cold setting! But wise and patient crafters unlike me should probably wait the full hour for bet results). After that, I peeled the stencil and then added some permanent adhesive vinyl to the mug. I followed the same process with the wine glass. They both turned out great!!

Get the FREE Gas Tank (and Battery) SVG Cut File

To get a free copy of this file, just click here. It’s totally free — enjoy!

Also, check out my Mermaids & Unicorns Bundle

Did you see the cute unicorn wine glass I made in this tutorial? I bet you or someone you know (a little girl perhaps?) LOVES mermaids and unicorns… if so, then you should definitely check out my Mermaids & Unicorns Bundle here:! It contains tons of adorable files for you to craft with, including a mix-n-match unicorn face file!


Check it out here –>


I am a Christian wife, mom of 3 young boys, entrepreneur, website designer, digital marketer, tech nerd, maker of crafts, and drinker of tea. I have worked from home for 11+ years, and, ironically, my favorite television show is "The Office."

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  1. AMTrenchik

    Just the coolest idea. I have already pinned it and will be sharing your link. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is such a clever idea.

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