Magic Multiplication Machine (Multiplication Tubes using Pringles Cans!)

Hi everyone! Today we are making these super cool Magic Multiplication Machines! My machine-loving 3rd-grader LOVED this (especially when I gave it a cool name like “Magic Multiplication Machines” – so much more fun than just calling them boring “Multiplication Tubes”). I have been struggling to get him to memorize his multiplication facts. He is extremely smart but he is way too creative (like his mama) to want to just sit down and memorize numbers. So I did what any good mom would do and I set out to find something that matched his learning style.

Oh… and hey, bonus! I had an excuse to go out and buy Pringles to make these. As a family of chip-lovers, no one was disappointed. That doesn’t really explain why we got 6 cans… I mean, they weren’t even on sale. Whatever. I did it in the name of education, ok?

Magic Multiplication Machine made from a Pringles Can - Math Tricks

What You’ll Need:

  • Pringles Can (a cardboard shipping tube with a cap might also work, but I haven’t tested it – please be sure to comment below if you try this and let me know if it works!)
  • Printed Sheets (see above to download)
  • Scissors
  • X-acto Knife (Hobby Knife)
  • Cutting mat or some other kind of surface to protect your table or desk
  • Scotch Tape


I made this video to accompany this tutorial. You will find the instructions much easier to follow if you watch the video. 🙂

  1. First you’ll want to print the 2 sheets above (download link is below).
  2. One sheet does not require any cutting. The other sheet will need to be trimmed on the left and bottom – just cut along the dotted lines.
  3. You will also need to cut out the individual boxes using an X-acto Knife (and don’t forget to use a cutting mat)
  4. Next, get your empty Pringles Can and Scotch Tape, as well as the sheet with no cuts.
  5. Tape the full sheet around the can, with the can opening to the right, and the sheet should be flush up against the lip of the can (check out the video).
  6. Next, tape the top sheet (the one with the rectangular holes cut out) to the Pringles can lid (again, watch the video to see what I mean).
  7. That’s it! Now just rotate the lid and the multiplication facts change as you rotate. It’s really easy and fun!!

Download the printable sheets for this project for FREE:

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