DIY Scrabble-style Tiles with Your Cricut or Silhouette

We all have that one space that we want to make a little more homey. Whether that’s a family room or a bedroom, these DIY Scrabble Tiles will look great hanging on the wall or sitting on a shelf.

I love how quick and easy you can create a beautiful statement piece with these. With only a few supplies, you can customize this design to display your family’s names or even decorate a nursery wall. The possibilities are endless!

ABC Scrabble Tiles with Vinyl Application:

Materials List:


In Cricut Design Space, start a new project and upload the Scrabble Tile file from the Welcome Cut File Bundle.

Select your image and Ungroup. Select the tiles at the top that spell out “Scrabble” and “Tile” and delete those.

Select the alphabet and resize to 21.763”w x 17.5”h. On the right side of the screen, select the little eye beside each tan colored square tile to hide that layer. You should now see just the letters and numbers

You can set this up one of two ways:

1. To keep all of the letters attached to their numbers, you can attach a maximum of 9 together (if you are cutting on a 12×12 mat). This will cut on several different mats and can create a lot of wasted vinyl but this setup is the fastest.

2. Or, you can select each letter and number combination and attach each one together. (For example, select the A and the little one beside it, and hit the attach button. Then select the B and the little 3 beside it and attach those together, and so on). This takes a little bit longer to set up, but allows you to cut all letters on one mat together. Prepare your mat with your vinyl, and follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to cut your vinyl. (See notes for additional guidance)

Weed your vinyl and attach transfer tape to the front.

Remove backing material and attach to the front of your tile. Press down with a scraper and remove the clear transfer tape.

Arrange your tiles in a frame, on a wall, or table and enjoy!


  • Once you get to the “Prepare” screen in Design Space, if you have one letter showing up on a separate mat, you can move that to the first mat if there is room. Simply, select the mat with the extra letter, select the letter, and select the 3 dots to the upper left of the letter. A little box will pop up where you can select “Move to another mat”. Then, you select the mat you would like to move it to. Move your extra letter to empty space on the mat.
  • This is a very quick and easy project! Get your kids to help with this one!
  • You can use handi tak adhesive to attach these to your wall. You can also use 3M Picture hanging strips on the back to attach to your wall. (They are like velcro and damage free)
  • If you would like to make names to intersect in addition to the alphabet, just select the letters you want, duplicate and move them in the arrangement you like, change the color and cut!

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