Finding Peace During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How are you, friends? I truly hope this post finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy!

A lot has changed in the past couple of weeks in our world, and I’ll be honest – it’s been a real struggle for me to even process everything that has been going on.

I want to check in and let you all know how much I am thinking of you during this time. I hope and pray that you are all doing well. I know this time is a bit unsettling and maybe even downright scary.

I have done a lot of reflecting and I want to share with you a couple of things that have helped me.

Focus On What You CAN Control

First of all, recognize and accept what you can and can’t control right now. I saw this graphic and it really resonated with me.


Focusing on what we can control, like our attitude and how it affects those we are at home with. As a mom, I realize that my mood really sets the tone for our home.

Turning off the news (or avoiding Googling the news) is a big one for me – It becomes an obsessive addiction and not a whole lot is going to change from one hour to the next. Step away from Google for a minute. Do some crafting, cleaning, singing or self-reflecting.

Can you help someone (while still maintaining social distancing)? Can you participate in making masks for healthcare workers? Can you drop off groceries for elderly or immunocompromised neighbors? Can you post something encouraging or hopeful on social media?

I sometimes feel TOO much. I have TOO much empathy. However, I cannot emotionally handle the problems of the world. That is where my faith comes in, which I’ll talk about it a bit. But for now, just try to focus on what you can control, rather than focusing on alllllll of the things outside of your control.

Gaining Perspective

Also, let’s gain a little bit of perspective. I know this social distancing thing is hard. Vacations have been cancelled, weddings postponed, and social events have to take a backseat. Just remember, that we are doing this for the greater good. This IS one thing we can control and something we can do to help others. And, maybe, just maybe…. we can try to make the best of it.

By the way, if you are one of our heroes who has to be outside of your home helping others, whether you’re in healthcare, law enforcement, grocery store worker or delivery driver, please know that you have my deepest gratitude! You are all true heroes and we appreciate you!

However, for the rest of us, we can and should be doing our part to stay home.

This will not last forever, and remember you’re making a difference simply by staying home! This graphic really put things in perspective for me:


I believe in an Almighty and Loving Creator

The last thing for me is the biggest one, and that is recognizing that I believe in a loving God who is 100% in control of this situation. I realize not everyone reading this will share the same beliefs and it is not my intention to offend anyone, so please feel free to skip this next section. However, I felt compelled to include this because it brings me comfort and helps me to know that I don’t have to have the answers or know the solution. I can just leave my problems in the hands of God and know that He will take care of it.

Although I was born into a Christian family, I have had my own share of doubts. I have had to take a hard look at my own beliefs and my faith and I believe each person owes it to him/herself to do some self-reflection on your beliefs. If not a time like this, then when?

If you are there, if you have doubts, or if you have ever wondered about Christianity – I would encourage you to start by watching a movie called “The Case for Christ” on Netflix. It is a movie based on the true story of a man named Lee Strobel (adapted from his famous book), who was an award-winning legal editor for The Chicago Tribune. This guy was a serious ATHIEST – so skeptical in fact that he devoted two years of his life trying to DISPROVE the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Instead, he concluded, based on his own findings and evidence, that he could no longer deny that the resurrection of Jesus isn’t just a fairy tale that humans made up to make themselves feel better about death. It actually happened.

Watch the real Lee Strobel below, talking about the main points that prompted him to change his way of thinking.

Miracles do exist!

And yes, Miracles do happen! Don’t believe me? Watch the video below – it’s incredible (yes, it’s a long video but totally worth watching all the way through)!!

The same man I mentioned above, Lee Strobel, wanted to know if miracles really exist, and he did his research and found several well-documented miracles.

It brings me comfort and reminds me that miracles really do exist, and I am posting it here for you in case it brings hope to someone else.

So, if you feel so inclined to join me in prayer, let us pray together for this to pass. Let us pray for our leaders, our doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, let us pray for those who are out helping others. Let us pray for healing to those who have been infected and pray for protection to those who have not. Let’s pray that this will strengthen our nation and the world and that good WILL come from this.

We’re all in this together!

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