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3D Layered Framed Art

Similar to the November project, which took my breath away, I’d like to see more projects like this to match the seasons/holidays.

49 votes

Reverse Canvas

I’ve tried a few reverse canvases but would like some more ideas.

45 votes


I’d like to learn how to make and use reusable stencils. It would be great to have materials that can be used over and over in classes. I have not had any luck with modifying files and painting without bleeding and smudges.

41 votes

Getting an app

Would love to be able to have an app instead of going on the interweb for everything!!

39 votes


I would love to see some mandalas to make have always wanted to do them but have been intimidated by them as well

39 votes


Would love some crafts with the long quotes. For example, Bless the Food before us, the family beside us, and the love between us.

33 votes

Silk Screen Printing

I loved the idea you presented in one of your videos regarding showing us how to do silk screening on shirts.

29 votes

3D Buildings with Lights

I would love to do some sort of 3D building (house, church, etc.) that lights can be added to.

20 votes


a friend is one who over looks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden. I found this quote and I would like to see it done with a cool design.

17 votes

Writing with the Cricut

I would like to learn how to use the pens and craft ideas for the pens.

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