November 2019 VIP Crafters Club

Happy November VIPs!

It is officially the start of my FAVORITE time of the year! I just love this season – but it always goes by TOO FAST! So let’s savor every holiday memory before 2020 arrives (yikes! That feels so weird to say!)

This month we are making some beautiful reversible holiday pillows. I created a couple of different versions. If you are a beginner, I highly encourage you to use Heat Transfer Vinyl. But if you are a seasoned user and you are up for a challenge, you should consider using FELT to make these pillows. It really adds a beautiful dimension and texture to your project! You will need to stabilize the felt using Heat n Bond Ultrahold (it also helps so the fibers don’t ruin your cutting mat, and it will allow us to bond the felt to the pillow case using heat). This is something fun and a little different! I look forward to seeing lots of pillows this month!

Included in this month’s files are some fun seasonal designs as well as many that can be used all year round! One of my favorite files this month is the 3-D star – it’s so easy to make! Just cut, fold and glue along the perforations. I will make a video to show you all how to assemble it as well sometime this month.

The details for the crafting party and the materials needed are below. Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I will also be updating this page throughout the month, as well as the Facebook page – and important updates will also be emailed to you.

Thank you so much for being here! I’m so excited for this month!


When: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 4:30pm PST
(Note: a replay will be made available for those who cannot attend live)


Project: Reversible Decorative Pillow Cover

Please bring your favorite drink, a snack or appetizer and be ready to
participate on video (not required, but encouraged)!


Materials List

If you’re like me, there’s a good chance you have a lot of these materials already lying around! I’ve outlined below what you’ll need to create this project with me. Not all of it is required, and I’ve listed which ones are optional below. Feel free to customize your project as you like – remember, this is your project! This list shows what I’ve used (or very similar items, since not everything can be found online). Looking forward to our Crafting Party!! (Note: this list contains affiliate links)

  1. Pillow Cover (I used these) and Pillow Insert

  2. Heat Transfer Vinyl in various fall and winter colors

  3. Weeding tool of choice

  4. Home Iron, EasyPress or Heat Press

  5. Silicone Pad, Easy Press Mat or other hard heat-protective surface (unless using a Heat Press)

  6. Teflon Sheet or Parchment Paper (Protects your press)

  7. (Optional – please only attempt using felt if you are up for a challenge! The remaining items are recommended if you are attempting to cut felt) Felt Sheets in various colors. Just the standard felt is fine (not stiffened felt)

  8. (Optional – needed if using felt) Heat N’ Bond Ultra Hold

  9. (Optional – recommended if using felt) Deep Cut Blade

  10. (Optional if making a wreath with leaves) Large Charger plate or other round object to trace onto pillow case with a pencil
  • 12X24 Lumbar Pillow

    Chalk Couture $14.99
  • Canvas Pillow Covers 2 Pack

    Chalk Couture $18.99
  • Cricut EasyPress

    Supplies $160.00
  • Teflon Sheets (3-Pack)

    Supplies $8.39

Quick Overview

A detailed step-by-step video tutorial is coming in a few days! However… for those of you who are excited to get started, here is a VERY basic overview below. If you are new to using your machine, I highly recommend waiting until the step-by-step video tutorial is posted before attempting the project. In the mean time, you can work on obtaining any materials you might need (see left).

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