April 2019 VIP Crafters Club

So glad to have you all here crafting with me this month!

This month we are using crayons to make beautiful map art! You can make one or make several and put them on the wall together as a collage of where you’ve lived.

The details for the crafting party and the materials needed are below. I am also working on a video tutorial that will be released early on in the month.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all. I will also be updating this page throughout the month, as well as the Facebook page – and important updates will also be emailed to you.

The Instagram Hashtag for the giveaway this month will be #vipcraftersclub – you can post photos of anything you make from this month’s files and you will be entered in a giveaway to get an Amazon gift card!!

Thank you so much for being here! I’m so excited for this month, and I can’t WAIT to craft with you!


Materials List

If you’re like me, there’s a good chance you have a lot of these materials already lying around! I’ve outlined below what you’ll need to create this project with me. Not all of it is required, and I’ve listed which ones are optional below. Feel free to customize your project as you like – remember, this is your project! This list shows what I’ve used (or the closest match that I was able to find online). Looking forward to our Crafting Party!! (Note: this list may contain affiliate links)

  1. Heat gun
  2. Drinking straw (1-2 should be enough)
  3. (Optional) candle lighter
  4. (Optional) crayon sharpener
  5. Oramask 813 Stencil Film
    With your cutting machine (cut settings same as “vinyl”)
  6. Weeding tool of choice
  7. Transfer tape/paper
  8. Matte Mod Podge
  9. Chalk Paint (for the base coat)
  10. Paint sponges or makeup wedges
  11. Small angled brush for touching up
  12. Any type of board. I used this one from Chalk Couture but you can use any type of sanded board that you would like (Note: I tested this on canvas but it was a bit more challenging – a wood or other hard surface works best). Paint the base coat with 1-2 thin coats chalk paint and lightly sand again using fine grit sand paper (300 or 400 grit).
  13. Masking Tape
  • Box Frame (6.5×18.5)

    Chalk Couture $19.99
  • Chalk Paint

    Supplies $15.99
  • Mod Podge

    Supplies $13.49
  • Oracal ORAMASK 813 Stencil Film

    Supplies $44.99
  • Painter’s Tape

    Supplies $6.29
  • Transfer Tape with Gridlines

    Supplies $29.99
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