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Hilarious Cricut Face Mask SVG Designs (Cut File Bundle)

Note: This blog post was written in May of 2020 when masks were required everywhere 🙂

We definitely could use a bit more laughter and joy these days, am I right?

Yes, our world has turned upside-down almost overnight. Yes, we now need to wear masks when out in public. Life throws us lemons and what do we do? We make lemonade!

Wearing a mask might seem like a drag, but we need to think of it as a way to protect ourselves and each other! In a way, it’s an expression of love if I am wearing a mask to protect you, and vice versa. I have always thought it needed to become more socially acceptable to wear masks in public, long before this Coronavirus business started.

Well, now that it’s more important than ever to wear a mask, I thought it would be appropriate to come up with some SVG designs that make wearing a mask a little more fun! Use iron on vinyl (aka HTV) along with your Cricut or Silhouette or favorite cutting machine to cut out these fun designs and press them onto your fabric masks.

These are perfect for doctors, nurses, dentists, or any essential worker who wants to make work a bit more fun… and these are especially great for KIDS!

When I need my 4-year-old to wear a mask, he really does NOT enjoy it and is constantly taking it off. It is frustrating for him and for me. So this is a really fun way to make mask-wearing a bit more silly and lighthearted!

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Cricut Coronavirus Medical Face Mask Designs SVG Cut File Bundle

Download the funny mask SVG Bundle

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