I can never seem to get enough office supplies! I love anything that I think would or could make me more organized or efficient. I have plastic tubs full of sticky notes, pens, folders, accordion files, notebooks, labels, highlighters… and yet I can never seem to have enough. One thing that I always find useful is a dry erase board. I use it to write reminders, notes to my hubby, motivational quotes and sayings for myself, shopping lists, appointments, and even funny doodles. And of course the best part is that if I don’t like the message or if it is no longer needed, I can just erase and write again! Brilliant! (I say this just in case you have never heard of a white board before. Ha!)

Doubles as Home Decor

Well, I live in a small apartment and I don’t necessarily want my home to look like an office. I came up with this cute idea of using a photo frame as a dry erase board! I realized the glass works perfectly and erases just like a white board does. However, when I started putting it together, I realized that very few photos would work. Either they were too dark or too varied, and the writing was not visible. So I did some thinking and realized that the solution was inserting a sheet of vellum paper right in front of the photo! Such a simple idea, but it works great!

Below are the steps to create an adorable do-it-yourself dry erase photo frame. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day Gift – or a nice gift for any friend or family member for that matter. You can put a photo of your kids. This could even make a great wedding gift!

Ridiculously Simple Instructions

1. Find a cute photo frame in any size.

2. Find a cute photo that will fit the frame (trim to size with scissors or a paper cutter, as necessary)

3. Get a piece of vellum paper that will fit the frame  (trim to size with scissors or a paper cutter, as necessary)

4. Put them all together and, Voila! A super cute, inexpensive, functional piece of decor or photo gift!

If you decide to make this as a gift, please send me a link to a photo – I would love to see how others use this idea! And please be sure link back with credit if you decide make a blog post about it! 🙂

Thanks and enjoy!


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